Ground Rules

1. Attendees should be punctual so that the Book Club can begin and finish promptly.

2. The whole book/article of the month must be read by all individuals prior to attending.

3. The Book Club is a neutral environment. All individuals should attend with an open mind in order to enhance learning (Sikhia).

4. All attendees have the opportunity to share their learning from the article and similarly should respectfully listen to other people’s opinions even if their views differ.

5. As far as possible attendees should try to make the discussion relevant to the article/book of the month. A moderator will ensure that the discussion remains on topic and everyone is given an equal chance to share their learning.

6. The Book Club attendees are entitled to confidentiality during each session. To avoid division amongst the Sangat, any individuals’ views of the reading material should be absorbed rather than gossiped about after the session.

Above all, the Book Club is about learning and progression of spiritual knowledge. This should be at the forefront of our minds. Let’s all try to leave our egos at the doorstep!