Gurbani Quotes & Notes Volume 1 by Kamalpreet Singh Pardeshi, edited by Manpreet Singh

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If you want an answer to every common question about spiritual practice, this is the book for you. Described as a labour of love by the author, it was not written to fulfil this need, but the book essentially offers a guide to spiritual practice whilst drawing on quotes from a wide range of scriptures such as Sri Nanak Parkash, Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash, Adhyatam Parkash, Guru Panth Parkash and more. Set in an easy-to-read format, the reader is taken on a journey describing the nature of the soul, the history of Vaheguru as a mantar, the power of meditation and the importance of actions in any spiritual journey.

Quite frankly this is a ridiculously mind-blowing book with life-changing properties, providing that the reader goes further than simply reading (and reviewing) the book but actually attempts to put into practice some of the gems of advice provided by our forebearers. It’s a difficult one to review because justice can’t be done other than reading it oneself.

Some of the concepts discussed herald from ancient knowledge which is now regarded as ‘new-age’ by many modern Sikhs. Similarly many Sikhs have a lack of understanding regarding the balance of so-called rituals within the tradition versus the more abstract spiritual aspects of the faith. This book, when read in full, provides as close to a complete explanation of how to rectify any doubts on either of this topics. Furthermore it draws upon texts now rarely read or contemplated by modern-day Sikhs which provide vital context for the understanding of Gurbani. The reader is signposted to texts written outside of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji authored by the Gurus or under the Guru’s supervision. It alludes to shabads considered and subsequently rejected for inclusion in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji which provides the reader with valuable insights into the essence of what we now know of as Gurbani.

This book is better than any camp you’ll ever go to (and it’s probably monetarily cheaper but a hundred times higher in value). Pick it up and read one paragraph at random, or read it in one sitting if, like me, you can’t put it down. Either way it will serve as an inspiration for future generations to come and will make any reader want to meditate with immediate effect. Thanks to Akaal Purakh that Manpreet Singh and Kamalpreet Singh published it!

The book can be purchased online here.