There is a vast array of literature covering all aspects of the Sikh Dharam. This includes texts on philosophy, raag, history, theology, politics, spirituality, biographies, and explanations of Gurbani. As time has progressed, we have moved away from being a nation of well-read scholars.

There are huge repositories of books available at the push of a button. Websites such as gurmatveechar.com have digitised hundreds of books that are now available free of charge.

However, having books available online or on your shelf is not good enough; time needs to be invested in reading, understanding and reflecting on their contents to allow the knowledge to be implemented in our daily lives.

In light of this, and to celebrate the 350th GurPurab of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, a monthly book club was set up at Ramgarhia Gurdwara Sahib in Bradford which will provide a forum for like minded individuals to meet and share their understanding of designated texts, books and articles from a wide range of Sikh scholars, saints and academics.